in cooperation with Wandashi – Schule der Lebendigkeit

Rarely have times called so strongly for our inner guidance and our clear knowledge of who we are and why we have come into the world right now.

Knowing our soul’s purpose, how we can be of service to creation in our present being, and thus to all our loved ones, can simplify our lives and also make them enormously joyful, because we know what to do at every moment.

During these four weekends, which build on each other, we will devote ourselves to a highly personal transformation process with the help of the four directions of the medicine wheel, the four archetypes of the cardinal points from Andean shamanism and the essential oils, which will ultimately lead us to recognize what gift we should bring and share into this incarnation.

Dr. Andrea Pühringer from the Quantumleap@Heartwisdom Institute,  Jürgen Wandaller from  Schule der Lebendigkeit and many wonderful spirits, also of the plant kingdom, will accompany you through these days.

The South

The South as the first section of our journey leads us to our issues in which we are still stuck, but which we have already completed, which no longer serve us on our further path of development and which we may therefore let go.

However, this requires that we have recognized them and then let them go full of appreciation and gratitude.

Just as the snake, the archetype of the South, sheds its skin – in one piece – when it has become too small for it, we discover old patterns and beliefs, bring them to the surface, transform them and discard them.

The West

In the West, the jaguar accompanies us, as the ruler of the jungle, who knows neither enemies nor fear.

For us, this means that with his help we can fearlessly look at our shadow, issues that still affect us but that we cannot perceive because they are hidden so deep within us, confidently look at them, transform them and then let them go.

If we use the medicine of the jaguar, honestly and fearlessly face the issues that awaken the greatest emotions in us, we can emerge from this process strengthened and powerful, transformed and new.

The North

In the North, where the energy of the hummingbird awaits us, we regain our wholeness by fully reconnecting with the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us.

On the path to wholeness, we take another honest look at which beliefs inhibit us from following our call in this existence, and how we can reframe them so that they support us in what we do.

Finally, just as the hummingbird does, we want to complete our own personal journey full of ease and joy without ifs and buts, perceiving only the beauty in life.

The East

Finally, the East, with the energy of the Condor and the Eagle, allows us to recognize our uniqueness and to understand all that we have been able to recognize in the previous gatherings. We recognize the special gift that we bring into this world to share with others.

The big picture opens up to us and we get the certainty that our being is about more than just our family, our possessions, our animals…. We now clearly perceive that everything that happens to us also happens to others, we realize the responsibility that comes with it and at the same time the creative power that lies in it.

Date and Time:

South: April 26th 2024 1 p.m. to April 28th 2024 about 3 p.m.       West: June 28th 2024 1 p.m. – June 30th 2024 about 3 p.m.

North: Sept 13th 2024 1 p.m. – Sept 15th 2024 about 3 p.m.    East: Oct 18th 2024 1 p.m. to Oct 20th 2024 about 3 p.m.

Registration at:

End of registration period: March 3rd 2024

Location: Mühlviertler Berghof, Erdleiten 2, 4283 Bad Zell
T: 07263 6110 / F: 07263 6110 4

Annual supporting membership fee: one-time 60 Euro

Supporting fee for members we ask for: 1.900 Euro

Supporting fee for non-members we as for:  2.020 Euro

The supporting fees are to be transferred in full to the account of the association by two weeks after registration, thus the participation is fixed. In case of cancellations after March 3rd 2024, the full amount of the fee will be transferred to the association. If a cancellation takes place between February 2nd 2024 and March 3rd 2024, the amount of 500 Euros will be transferred to the association as a benevolent contribution for the work already done in advance to make these four weekends possible, and the rest of the contribution will be transferred back.

If the participation in a meeting is not possible, this and the following modules can be attended in the coming year if the course comes to fruition.

Participants are asked to arrange accommodation and meals directly with the Mühlviertler Berghof.

The costs for accommodation and meals are to be paid separately.

Further information will follow by e-mail after registration.