Project „Soul Star“

Research, self-help, health support and welfare project

To let happen the transition of the soul into the next dimension easily and light-fully by recognizing and appreciating one’s own life, the messages that are hidden in it, and by acknowledging the loved ones in all their wonderful being.

To dissolve old burdens of the still living through communication with those who have already transitioned, thus opening the space for clarity and new insights of the individual.


Every person who, whether as a person involved, a relative and/or a person of the heart, has the feeling of wanting to set this process in motion and accompany people on their transition.


  • To give people in the very last phase of their physical existence the opportunity to say, forgive and let go into the light, whatever is still to come.
  • To give relatives the opportunity to recapitulate the old together with the person passing over, to put what happened into a new light, to look at it from today’s perspective and to release the old emotions in this way, to let go what is burdensome and thus to take a step towards maintaining mental and thus physical health.
  • To bring peace, light, community into the hour of physical death and in this way to break the taboo of death in society, to take away its gravity and threat.


With terminally ill, old, impaired people, either individually or together with the relatives and people of the heart they want to have around them, view the various stages of life, tell stories, look at these stories lovingly and, if necessary, let them go into forgiveness. Let old burdens slide into forgiveness, give the unspoken the space to be there.

By that we contribute to the creation of a light and loving atmosphere in which there is room for everything that still needs to be looked at.

To enable the living to communicate with those who have already passed over, so that the unspoken and unexplained can become clear.

This takes place in individual sessions and is open to supporting members.

dates will follow shortly