Project „Starlight“

Research, welfare and self-help, adult education project


People who work in the care of the elderly and sick, to teach them techniques for self-help but also for the support of the people entrusted to them, so that this responsible activity can become even more easier , joyful and lightful.

Every person, whether as a person affected, a relative and/or a person of the heart, has the feeling of wanting to start and go through this process.


  • To impart techniques to people who work in the care of the elderly and sick and also to all those interested in strengthening and centering their own power, by that make their everyday life easier and enable them to act from their center, from their own source of power.
  • To give peopleby that the possibility to maintain and regenerate their own physical and mental health.
  • To strengthen through this help for self-help the feeling of self-determination, and thus also the feeling and knowledge that their health is available in themselves and regenerable at any time.


To teach people who work in the care of the elderly and sick, techniques that can help them physically and especially at the level of psyche and soul, so that this demanding activity can mastered lovingly with even more joy and ease, without needing their own energy reserves.

With this support it is possible to return to one’s own center again and again, to act from one’s own powerful center.

The project is open to supporting members in individual sessions due to the personal needs  and  as workshop.

dates will follow shortly