Project „What your pet wants to tell you“

Research and animal welfare project


Every person who cares about the welfare of his pet.


  • To create (again) harmony between humans and animals.
  • To experience the needs of the animals, to communicate them to the owner and thus to change the life of the animal for the better.
  • To open up to the owner of an animal WHAT animals perceive, know, can communicate to him also in relation to the beloved human of their hearts, and how they can support him by their perception in his development, on his life way.


After contact on the part of the owner of the animal, through communication with the animal, the topic, which the owner has with his animal, is addressed, clarified, the needs of the animal are asked, so that the owner finds new ways and possibilities to arrange the life more beautiful, simpler, healthier… for his protégé.

Often also topics of the owner can be recognized and solved with the help of the information of the domestic animal.